DIY’s. Why do it yourself? Let the professionals get it done right!

Do you look around your home and just see all the projects that need to be completed?  DIY is huge now-a-days, but here is the issue, you may not have the time, skill or tools to get the job done correctly.  We’ve helped many local people just like yourself with some of their projects.  Whether it is a fence, stone steps or a side walk-way we can help!

Fencing can add value to your home, as well as give your landscape a focal point.  You may also want to install or repair an existing fence for your privacy.  Or perhaps, it serves to keep your pets and children safe inside your yard.  Whatever your reason, we can cross this project off your “to-do” list. On this project we took charge of building their privacy fence; meeting you and discussing your needs is one of the first steps.  We will take measurements, and talk to you about the design you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for a true privacy fence or a partial, we will take measurements accordingly.  You don’t have to worry about ordering your wood or supplies, we take care of all those details.  If there is removal of an old fence or trees that are in the way, we tend to all those details as well.  You don’t need to even think about about going to the dump or having a dumpster in your driveway.  From there, we will schedule your installation.  Here is an example of a privacy fence we built for a busy family.


Look around your neighborhood, we’ve also done quite a few face-lifts on siding this year!  When you are looking at replacing your siding, it is also a good time to double check if your windows are in good condition, if the wood around your garage doors are damaged or doors need to be replaced.  We’ve had clients that make the decision to replace their siding as well as windows and doors at the same time, and they are glad they did once the weather turns rainy or winter comes.  Another final touch that really gives your home a finished look is covering your foundation with a product we use very often called fusion stone.  Fusion stone comes in four colours that are sure to coordinate with your siding choice.


As you can see below, this an example of some recent work we completed.  The pairing of the colour Rockaway Grey for the siding and Raven as the fusion stone works so beautifully with the iron fence.

Here are some of the highlights of the siding and fusion stone project our amazing crew worked on:





Choosing a colour is just the beginning.  Whether you choose the ever-popular Rockaway Grey or you go with a colour such as white or blue, our team will make the necessary arrangements to order all your supplies.  You will also be asked to choose what profile your siding will be sporting.  Some of the options include:

DOUBLE 5” Horizontal:



DOUBLE 5” Dutchlap:

DOUBLE 4.5” Dutchlap Horizontal:


              DOUBLE 4.5” Horizontal:           


Decks can be such a beautiful focal point of your home and an extension of your outdoor living space.  We work with you on the design you have in mind, our crew will then take the time and care to measure twice and cut once!



Whether you want to sit in the front of your home with a cup of coffee and people watch, or retreat to your backyard oasis and read a book or the newspaper on your back deck, this is another project you can leave with us.  Our crew will take care of all the details.  Picking up materials, and ensuring that their work area is cleaned up from any debris and remove any project waste.  When you don’t have the time to complete projects yourself all these details that we take care of become such a huge relief.




These are just a few examples of the exterior work we can complete for you.  These projects and many more not only add value to your investment and crosses those projects off your list.  Feel free to contact us, and we can schedule a free in-home estimate.

Up next…  we will be featuring a stunning 360 degree exterior transformation we recently completed.  You won’t want to miss that post!

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