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Decks, fences + railings

We use only high-quality materials and trades when finishing your deck, fence or railings. Our Experts strive to meet all our customers needs, completing their projects on time, on budget, with as little disruption to as possible.​

Decks, Fencing & Railings

We use only high-quality materials and trades when finishing your deck, fence or railings. Our Experts strive to meet all our customers needs, completing their projects on time, on budget, with as little disruption to as possible.


Whether your home needs a small BBQ area or a large entertainment paradise, Precision Contracting can make your backyard dreams come true. We offer a wide range of deck and patio options to suit your styles and budget. Using a variety of product, Precision Contracting can provide extensive product knowledge and ideas to help determine what type of material you may choose to provide years of enjoyment and durability. Precision Contracting only uses the best materials and practices when building your dream backyard projects. Galvanized hardware and fasteners, pressure treated framing and beams, wall mounting brackets, concrete forms & bases, as well as all Ontario Building Code practices and procedures.

Pressure Treated & Cedar
If you are looking for a new design or simply replacing your existing deck, we can offer a valuable experience through our pressure treated or cedar decking styles. Using locally supplied lumber, pressure treated and cedar can be enjoyed with little maintenance for the life of the wood, or treated with a vary of stains and colours to provide enriched grains and styles. Although a little more work, the proper staining program can add many years to your decking surfaces depending on uses and weather climates. The most economical solution, pressure treated and cedar decking is known for its strength and overall natural looks.

Aluminum Decking
Welcome to the last deck you will ever own! Craft-Bilt Aluminum waterproof decking outlasts much of the competition. If you are looking for deck boards that will never twist or decay,and provide a true skid-proof surface, you have selected the right material.

Craft-Bilt revolutionary aluminum locking seal and continuous gutter technology provides a gap-less floor for waterproof decking and roof cover with single layer construction. Aluminum decking is absolutely watertight underneath with no additional plywood or membranes required. The deck boards lock together under pressure to form a waterproof joint. In the unlikely event that any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away.

Craft-Bilt heavy duty powder coat finish has an embedded crumble for unmatched non-skid performance. Seeing is believing.

Craft-Bilt Aluminum decking is available in two colours. Desert sand and Grey. Desert sand is the perfect match for our Aluminum Desert sand Railing System. With it's earth tone colour, it matches many homes colour schemes. The Grey colour compliments and architectural decor, and for our wood fans, it mimics the look of weathered cedar.

Get The Benefits not Found in Any Wood or Composite Decking Products

  • Eliminates painting, staining and waterproofing

  • No splitting, cracking, fading, rotting or warping

  • No nails/screws popping.  Hidden fasteners

  • It can’t burn or tear membranes, won’t degrade from UV like composites

  • Non-combustible: aluminum will not ignite or burn

  • Excellent thermal conductor.  It’s cool to touch and won’t hold the heat like other materials

  • It’s Green.  Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely.

  • It’s truly non-skid, the safe choice for your friends and family

  • It will outlast any wood

  • Waterproof, creating a living space below your deck and ensure that the support structure will be protected from the elements, virtually eliminating any chance of rot, mildew or decay.

Composite Decking
No matter what type of decking you like, Precision Contracting can offer it to you. If pressure treated, cedar, vinyl, or Aluminum isn’t right for you, then try our selections of Composite. We use a range of composite products, with one of our more popular choices is TimberTech. Using a variety of colours and options, composite decking is becoming a popular choice for our customers. With an abundance of styles and selections, composite decking can provide years of enjoyment while eliminating the general maintenance that can come with cedar or pressure treated. Finding the proper deck choice that suits your lifestyle and budget is one of the most important outdoor decisions that you and your family can make.


Adding fencing to a property can help both the security of your property as well as protect your family members and pets. At Precision Contracting we take your fencing to the next level, adding style and beauty. We offer a wide range of fencing products to help your new boundaries look great. Although we do not offer chain link, we can supply & install pressure treated or cedar, steel, and aluminum. Be sure to select what will work for you and your family for both looks and practicality.

Pressure Treated & Cedar
Choosing a pressure treated or cedar fence can complete your fencing project at an affordable price while still ensuring the safety and security within the perimeters of your yard. There are many benefits to choosing pressure treated or cedar. One factor can be the overall privacy of the product. Depending on your choice or design, our installation team can construct many different options including semi private or even 100% privacy with no external visibility. Pressure treated or cedar designs also makes it easy to determine a custom height (many municipalities have height restrictions). Once completed, pressure treated or cedar fence systems can be stained or painted to your desired colour choice and enjoyed for many years to come. Since the majority of the fence is vertical, the staining and overall maintenance is generally less than a pressure treated or wood deck system.

Powder Coated Steel & Aluminum
If deciding that staining and treating your fence after 5-7 years is not an option for you and your lifestyle, choosing one our powder coated steel or aluminum fence products may be the right decision. With many options and styles, these systems eliminate the maintenance surrounding wood products. Although not as private as a wood or vinyl fence, the powder coated steel or aluminum products add beauty and elegance in their endless design types. Choosing and style will be the toughest part of this project. Once selected, let our team at Precision Contracting complete the fence of your dreams.


Whether you are looking to completely replace your existing deck or simply spruce up your existing outdoor area, Precision Contracting can offer your home a new railing system with safety and style being at the top of our lists. From Pressure Treated and Cedar to Aluminum and Glass, the professional team at Precision Contracting can turn your decks old railing into a design you can enjoy for many years to come.

Pressure Treated & Cedar
If you are simply looking to replace your current railing system with a safe and affordable barrier then a new pressure treated railing may be the choice for your home. Completed to meet all Ontario Building Codes, the team at Precision Contracting will explain railing guard heights and required supports to ensure the overall safety. Pressure Treated & Cedar rail systems can be left as natural wood and weather over the years, or it can be treated using a variety of stains and finishes that best suit your design needs.

Another great way to finish off a railing system without having the trouble of yearly maintenance and stain, is to discover our Aluminum railings. Available in five standard colours, aluminum railings have a variety of options that can be added to increase your overall finished look. Whether additional lighting is your concern or your sight line into your backyard oasis, an aluminum rail system from Precision Contracting will provide you with years of enjoyment.

If you are tired of looking through your old wooden spindles that continue to block the view of your favorite spots, then you may want to consider a glass railing system. Modern and clean, a glass rail system shows off your style while allowing perfect views, obstruction FREE. We have a variety of glass railing products available ranging in different glass thickness as well as several different post and guard options. Many of our customers enjoy a top aluminum rail to support the in-line glass, while others may consider no top rail, allowing the views to become even more enhanced. No matter what your choice, Precision Contracting will help make your new glass railing system a reality.

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