360 ° Exterior Face-Lift!

We recently had the opportunity to meet a fantastic local family; which presented us an opportunity to give the exterior of their home a complete face-lift!  This is a beautiful family home that was ready to have a new young family enjoy it for years to come.

We met with our clients and went over the many colours and material options that are now available on the market.  Through our selections meeting we were able to narrow down a beautiful colour scheme that complements their alluring pool area that is surrounded by a rod iron fence, not to mention the exquisite covered front porch.  4.5” Dutch Horizontal in Rockaway Grey is what is featured in this project.  Fusion stone was also installed along the parging.  This added a beautiful architectural design giving a uniformed look around the home.  The fusion stone colour that we felt best complemented the siding colour was Raven.                                                                                                 

A complete 360 degree make over for this home!  We also repaired the wood around the garage doors and covered them with facia to protect the garage framing and to add that finished looked.  We go over every detail you want looked at and we make our best recommendations on how to get your home looking how you would like.

This was a large project, but we took care of all the small details.  Coordinating the installation of the new exterior lights as well as upgrading their electrical outlets to meet the new standards.

We also ensured that new ½“  insulation board was installed prior to the siding going on.  This not only protects your home but also gives the owners peace of mind that their home will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Exterior vents were also carefully chosen to maximize airflow for the attic.  White is a standard colour that is often paired to coordinate with the many colours of siding.  It typically also matches the soffit and facia, which was also replaced throughout the entire exterior of this project as well.

The curve appeal is off the chart now that this renovation is completed.  Side by side comparison you can see for yourself the extent of this transformation.




This dreamy covered porch will bring this family with many hours of enjoyment.  This exterior renovation has given an updated look to their home, added more value as well as curve appeal.  If exterior work such as this is something you are considering for you home, don’t hesitate to contact our office and we can make arrangements to meet with you and discuss what your budget and ideas are.



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